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Unique Stocking Stuffers

Not sure what to fill those stockings with?
  Tri-M recommends what we think are the world's greatest stocking stuffers:
Shashibo Shape Shifting Cubes!  These mesmerizing magnetic marvels have such a universal appeal they are sure to delight playful people of any age. 

The cubes can be combined infinitely to create ever-expanding shapes, so grab one for everyone on your list and then watch as they join forces to discover the almost limitless shapes that are possible with multiple Shashibos!

elements-30-shashibo.jpg sha10co-2-57266.1585166262.jpg  sha09cf-2.jpg   sha06wg-2.jpg sha02bp-4.jpg   sha01bw-6.jpg  mysticocean-25-900x.jpg sha04oi-8-2.jpg sha03so-8-2.jpg 


Do you have a model enthusiast on your list?
check out the Metal Earth page where every model is "Stuffer Size"